Core Beliefs in Community Connecting

The following are some core beliefs and values which we believe are sound practices in supporting people with a disability and/or mental health issue to connect to their community in valued roles that are based on;

The importance of knowing the person and planning with them:

We believe that to provide good community connecting support we need to get to know the person well: likes, dislikes, preferences, dreams, who they belong to and where they belong. We believe in the inherent dignity of all people and are interested in finding out what gifts a person has to offer the world. We understand that for all people to develop, they need people who want to stand beside them and see them be in the driving seat of their own life as much as possible.

The importance of creativity and flexibility

We believe that a person’s lifestyle is what is happening right now and that dreams should not be put off or discounted. We wish to be flexible enough to support each person to take up any opportunity that arises and creative enough to help them make anything possible.

The importance of right relationships

In all that we do we seek to have right relationships with the person supported and the people in their life. Right relationships are characterised by respect, honesty, patience, compassion and understanding.

The importance of connecting with the person’s community

For too long people with a disability have had parallel lives separate from the community they lived in. We are committed to assisting people to be part of their community- active and connected.

The importance of cost effectiveness

We are all aware that there is a limitation to the funding that people can receive from Government departments. We believe that we have the responsibility to ensure that you get good value for money – support that is relevant and efficient. We are committed to keeping people informed about how funding is used and ensuring that they always have choices around receiving support.