Do you have a disability? Have you considered employment or a job?

21 January 2022 / No Comments / Leave a Comment

Better Togethers state award winning program has now created a new program taliored for people with a disability.

If you or your loved one has been thinking about getting a start to what the possibilities are in the way of empolyment our Better Foundations program is just what your looking for.

The program will grow your skills, learn new things, make new friends and get a job.

Operating 3 days a week (Hrs will vary) which will include:

  • Day 1 : undertake A Certificate II in foundation and Vocational Skill which will be delivered by Noosa Community Training Centre (RTO # 1810)
  • Day 2: Dedicated to additional training and skill building activities such as; resume writing, cover letters, transportstion, budgeting, intervew skills etc
  • Day 3: Dedicated to your work expereince, this work experience in a mandatory part of the program where we assist the student find a workplace suited to their skills and strenghts where they can use their support workers to support them in their opportunities.

to know more please contact the coordinator Sandy on 0493288072

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