Better Employment

Better Employment’s goal is to create a more educated community that actively seeks out marginalised individuals to employ.  Currently Australia is one of the worst OECD countries when it comes to employment for people with a disability. Our funding systems in place are not best practice and this shows in the employment outcomes for people with a disability. 

Better Together advocates and promotes valued roles and how they enrich and empower people’s lives in numerous ways. Employment is one of the most highly valued roles in our western culture and is a typical experience every human should be able to access. This is why Better Together set out to find a “better way” when it comes to assisting marginalised individuals in employment. 

Thus creating Better Employment!

Better Employment encompasses different programs. They Include: 

  • NDIS funded – using a customised employment approach developed in the US. This program includes
    • Discovery
    • On-the-job work experience training in a café
    • Micro-enterprise
    • Open employment
  • Skilling Queensland for Work: funded by the QLD state government. These programs include:
    • Better Outcomes: Certificate II in Retail and Cafe Operations
    • Better Pathways: Certificate III in Individual Support
    • Better Futures: Certificate II in Tourism and Hotel Operations