Better Together operates from a set of principles and frameworks of practice that act as the foundation from which all our actions spring. We believe our holistic approach to our operations create a more inclusive community building an environment where we are “Better Together”. The principles we follow are as follows.

Social Role Valorisation

The basic assumption of the social role valorisation theory is that if a person’s social role is considered valuable by the community, and the person has a general image of competency within that role, it follows that the person will be thought of in a positive way.

Assets Based Community Development

(ABCD) seeks to uncover and utilise the strengths within communities as a means for caring, sustainable and enduring community development.

Community Partnerships and Collaborations

Better Together Assoc Inc believes in supporting community partnerships, where their willingness to collaborate and co-operate – and the act of co-operation and collaboration itself – stems from relationships and the facilitation of those relationships.

The Inherent Dignity of Each Individual

This principle means that all human beings are born with inherent dignity, intrinsic value and equal and inalienable rights. The inherent dignity of a person and their intrinsic value is not affected by what they can or can’t do or the choices they make.

Social Justice

The four principles of social justice are rights, equity, participation and access. The principles of social justice recognise that people with a disability have the same human rights as other members of society and should be empowered to exercise these rights.

Least Restrictive Alternative

This principle means meeting individual needs and facilitating individual growth and development in ways that lease restrict personal freedom whilst recognising the need for safety and security.

Dignity of Risk

This Principle dignity of risk means respecting each individual’s autonomy and self-determination (or “dignity”) to make choices for themselves.

Duty of Care

Every person has the ‘right’ to the protection and the making of balanced judgements relative to safety and personal security.  All decisions made in regards to the support of people are to be based upon the idea of ‘reasonableness’ of care.

Hostilic Approach to the Individual

Everyone must be recognised as a Social, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual person with the same needs and desires as other people for growth, intimacy and expression.

The Developmental Model

The developmental model implies that each person, regardless of the severity of their disability, has the potential to grow and develop.


Better Together Assoc Inc will strive to make explicit the assumptions underpinning its work and be committed to critical action/reflection and evaluation in an effort to be coherent and congruent in and between its beliefs and practice.