Better Together – A Caboolture Disability Support Service

Welcome to Better Together

Better Together is a community organisation designed to develop a more inclusive Caboolture and surrounding regions. Better Together develops and maintains a wide range of strategies, partnerships and affiliations thus contributing to the overall strengths and wellbeing of the community.

Better Together’s Vision Statement is:

“We are Better Together”

We believe that the Caboolture Region is a better place when all of its members are included in valued roles and relationships in the social, economic and civic life of the community.

Caboolture is Better Together

Objective of Better Together

We aim to provide a community development legacy that will:

  • Promote the growth and development of community attitudes that encourages and supports the valued roles of people with a disability in the social, civic and economic life of the Caboolture community; removes physical and social barriers to inclusion within the Caboolture Region and increases accessibility to social, civic and economic activities.
  • Increase the number and quality of employment and volunteer opportunities open to adults with a disability and/or mental health issue.
  • Develop a network of committed individuals within the Caboolture Region who share a vision about inclusive communities and will support the inclusion of valued roles and relationships for people with a disability through freely given relationships and/or other commitments.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with like-minded entities in the community and business sector so as to increase opportunities for valued roles and relationships for all people.
  • Develop strong networking, partnerships and community competency in all areas of the community so as to support the local community to support valued roles for people with a disability and/or mental health issue in the social, civic and economic life of the Caboolture Community.

We aim to provide, within available resources, flexible supports for individuals with a disability and/or mental health issue that will:

  • Establish a quality person-centred and valued roles based support arrangement focused on the individual’s aspirations as outlined in an Individual Support Agreement.
  • Employ staff that meet the requirements of people we support and are skilled to assist in achieving the persons aspirations for valued roles and relationships in the social, civic and economic life of the community.
  • To ensure the involvement of individuals who are supported by Better Together in all areas of their support planning development.
  • Review the individual’s goals and support arrangements regularly and change plans according to the changing needs and aspirations of the individuals.
  • To provide relevant legislative, government and financial information to people who use the service so that they can make timely and appropriate decisions about the types of support they require.

Community - We missed you!

Better Togethers future direction stems from our beliefs that:

  • Caboolture is a better and richer community because of the inclusion and participation of people with disability, that people with disability can and do contribute to the development of the community.
  • That Caboolture citizens will go out of their way to welcome people with disability.
  • That there are many people in Caboolture who would not only be willing, but who would bend over backwards, to make a positive change in the life of a person with a disability, if they were presented with the opportunity to do so.
  • That our community is asset and leadership rich and that our role is to bridge this to community need.
  • That people with a disability are entitled to a lifestyle which is based on the same rights and opportunities as other citizens.
  • That people with disabilities, with varying amounts of assistance, can participate as equals in the social, economic and civic life of the community.
  • Better Together Assoc Inc believes that although there are many different experiences of inclusion in valued community roles and relationships, there are common elements that contribute to making people feel included.

These include:

  • Being there
  • Feeling like you belong
  • Being missed if you are not there

“We must stop teaching that opportunity knocks
You can listen at the door for ten life times
But you will not hear knocking
You are opportunity
You open the door”


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