Are you looking for employment or even a career or creating your own business that is tailored to your interests, strengths and needs?

Customised employment is a tried and tested, researched-based approach developed in the United States. This approach has successfully created long-term sustainable employment options for people with a disability for over 20 years.

Customised Employment helps people with intellectual disabilities to get a job. It works with both job seekers and employers to design and create job opportunities.

Instead of trying to get an existing job, customised employment focuses on the skills that each person has to offer. It customises a job or self-employment opportunity to fit your skills, interests, strengths, and support needs. It also meets the needs of businesses and the community. Following this Customised Employment process you increase your chances of gaining sustainable employment.

At Better Together we believe that employment should be the first option for individuals of any age who wants to work. We use the customised employment process to endeavor to find you a career you are passionate about.

What is the Customised Employment Process?