CDSN: Caboolture Disability Support Network

CDSN is an organisation established to support people with a disability.  Their members are people who live with a disability, as well as supporters, people who believe in and work towards an inclusive community for all.

CDSN offer access to information and support groups and advocate on behalf of the community with issues relating to disability.

They seek to redress the stigma that some people with disability may experience by having CDSN members, who are themselves people who live with a disability, speak about their experiences.

“Our aim is to be a strong voice, of and for, people with disability.”

Their belief is that through sharing different experiences, they’re able to learn from one another. The medical model can only tell us so much. It is through connection with like-minded people, that we can learn more about how to cope with the day-to-day living with a disability. Understanding and coping with our pain, our personality, isolation and sense of grief.

The aim of CDSN

The aim of CDSN is cultivate and nurture a community of friends where they can establish long-term mutually beneficial friendships that lead to us securing a sense of inclusion with our peers – particularly those who have life experience and an understanding of what we are going though.  As a group of people with a disability we can expand our voice and stand united – one mind – one vision – one voice.

For more information check out the CDSN website