Coronavirus 19 update (29/06/2021)

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Hello everyone,

I am sure you are all probably aware by now that we are going into a 3 day lockdown from 6pm tonight (29/06/21) until 6pm Friday (02/07/2021). Our instructions for safe work practices during this time are as follows:

 Service Delivery (1:1)

  • As essential workers, we are able to continue operating through the lockdown in order to provide services for the vulnerable individuals we support. Supports are to go ahead as usual, unless the service user requests cancellation. If your service user calls or texts to cancel please email cc: to inform us of the cancellation and note the following details:
    • What support(s) is/are being cancelled
    • Who has made the request (the service user, a parent, etc)
    • What time and date they made the request
    • What channel the request was made via (email, text, call, etc)

Group Supports:

  • The Lagoon Creek Cafe will be closed to over the counter sales throughout the duration of the lockdown. As there are catering orders to fulfil we still be proceeding with usual supports and shifts in order to fulfil those orders
  • The CCWC Mowing can proceed as usual 
  • The Walking Group cannot proceed in it’s usual format of meeting as a group, but we would encourage this support to continue, although walkers will need to be separate from each other (this may involve finding different venues or locations to walk from)
  • Cooking Group cannot proceed at the Historical Village, but we would encourage 1:1 in-home cooking support in lieu of the group meeting if any of the cooking group members are interested

Buddy Up’s

  • All Buddy Up Shifts are postponed until the current lockdown order is lifted

PPE & Social Distancing Measures

  • Wearing masks during support time is mandatory for all staff and service users. Gloves are not mandatory but encouraged. If anyone needs to collect any PPE such as masks or gloves, these are available for collection from the Lagoon Creek Cafe between the hours of 8am – 2.30pm.
    •  If you are unable to collect during this time, you are authorised to spend up to $10 on a disposable mask for your own personal usage.  If you keep the receipt you will be reimbursed by Better Together. 
    • As we already have over 500 masks available from the office we would prefer that you explored this as your first option. 
    • Service users are responsible for purchasing their own masks. If lack of an available mask is an impediment to a Service User receiving support (e.g they do not have one and cannot leave the house to purchase) then we are to provide them with a mask provided by Better Together
  • Please refer back to  seating service users in the back seat of the car, windows down, air conditioning set to recycle during transporting – while the lockdown is active and will revert back to normal when the lockdown is over and restrictions are eased
  • Support activities need to be within the government restrictions; “people will only be able to leave their homes for essential reasons like grocery shopping, exercise, work that cannot be performed remotely, medical care and to support vulnerable family members”. 
  • Please ensure social distancing of 1.5m is adhered to at all times
  • Wash your hands CORRECTLY and regularly as per your National Hand Hygiene Training
  • Please observe surface disinfection protocols if using your personal vehicle during supports as per Environmental Cleaning Principles Training

Symptoms & Testing

  • If you have any of the following symptoms please notify the office immediately and do not proceed to support until you have received clearance to do so:
    • Fever
    • Dry Cough
    • Tiredness
    • Aches & Pains
    • Sore Throat
    • Diarrhoea 
    • Conjunctivitis
    • Headache
    • Loss of taste or smell
    • Skin rash or discolouration of extremities (fingers, toes)
    • Chest pains or loss of breath
    • Difficult breathing
    • Loss of speech or movement
  • If the service user you are supporting reports or displays any of the above symptoms please call the office immediately to notify and follow the following procedure:
    • Contact the individual’s nominee, advocate, next of kin or other relevant individual to let them know
    • Ascertain if the individual has an informal support available who can take them for testing (such as family). If they do, return them home so that they can be taken to a testing facility by a family member or member of their household
    • If they do not, or your are unable to make contact, proceed to your nearest drive through testing facility so that you can both be tested and inform the service user that they will be unable to receive supports until testing results are returned. 
    • Please refer following link for up to date list of drive through testing facilities
    • Contact the office after conclusion of support to notify of what has happened

Contact Tracing

We will be sending text messages this afternoon to all service users for whom we have mobile numbers on file with a summary of the above information and a link to our website with further details.

Thank you everyone, hopefully we are all getting better at these lockdowns and processes and can support everyone to stay safe!

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